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In this paper Fruchtl attempts to investigate the question of reflection on modernity. His main thesis is that to reflect upon modernity is to reflect upon the self. This immediately launches the investigation into the realm of subjectivity. He begins by building a picturing of the current dynamic concerning the subject. He creates a dynamic between the perspectives of Hegel and Habermas. It is one of current thinkers returning to the ideas of Hegel to challenge the views of Habermas. The post-modern thinkers tend to follow the Hegelian route of reflection on the self to examine modernity rather than rely on the ideal of human self creation. What Habermas writes off to aesthetics and expression have been revealed to be much more important and complex and have been brought under renewed scrutiny by post-modern thinkers wishing to reconcile the creative dimension of the self with the rest of their ideas.



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